Why We Chose Canggu for Amari Villas Development

Kristjan Ploompuu

Our Bali friends, acquaintances, and business partners know that we're developing villas close to our own homes. It's for a reason - we know where it's good! The Amari Villas are indeed located in a nice area - Padonan, Canggu. An area where excellent gyms and spas, co-working spaces, and top-class culinary experiences are all within the scooter's reach.

We won't delve into all the charms of Bali today - the fact that you're reading this article confirms you're already familiar with the island's breathtaking beauty and diversity. Instead, we'll take a closer look at Padonan and Canggu and share what these places offer.

Ideal Hub for Digital Nomads

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There are plenty of inspiration, productivity, and networking opportunities available. While our villas offer the luxury and convenience of having a home office, it's nice to change scenery from time to time. 

Bali's connectivity is good and constantly evolving (Elon Musk has recently visited Bali to establish his own Starlink network). You can find people on laptops in just about every other cozy café here, as answering emails while drinking a morning coffee outside is a lifestyle that is fast becoming a reality for most people in Bali.

However, co-working spaces are also a trend among digital nomads. These are ideal places to find your future clients or business partners. There's the option of sitting in an ergonomic office chair, using monitors, and renting meeting rooms.  In addition, most of Canggu's co-working spaces have their own café, sun terrace, and sometimes even a gym.

A modern Nebula Entrepreneur Co-Working Space is located 6 minutes away. This 5-star Google-ranked space is known for its thriving community and has everything from a podcast studio to an ice bath and sauna. 

The PUCO Rooftop is also just 5 minutes from Amari Villas, and it takes 15 minutes by scooter to get to the B-Work Bali space.

Wellness Heaven

Photo origin: https://www.tripaneer.com/nirvana-strength-indonesia/10-day-nirvana-strength-training-camp-in-canggu-bali

Padonan is the ideal place to live for those whose core values include an active and healthy lifestyle. Also, the quickest way to make cool new friends is to visit the world-class gyms and spas here. Sometimes a new friend will be sitting next to you, either in a sauna or an ice bath. 

Within a 5-minute scooter ride from Amari Villas, you'll find both Wanderlust CrossFit and SOMA Fightclub martial arts club. A favorite of ours and many others is Nirvana Life - a paradise that combines a gym, a restaurant with a healthy menu, a pool area, a spa, a coworking area, and more.

It's quite common in Canggu for people to sign up for a month's pass to the luxurious gym and “move in”, as everything you need for the day is there. Our days at Nirvana include, for example, a workout, lunch, a sauna, and sometimes a business meeting.

And for the adrenaline junkies, there are ofc world-class surfing waves at Canggu's many beaches. 


Sunny Beaches and Surfing Waves

Photo origin: https://lunaandrose.co/blogs/news/berawa-vs-canggu-where-to-stay-in-bali

If you need a break, head to the beach. Berawa Beach is about a 12-minute scooter ride away. Spend time with friends by sipping fresh coconuts, enjoying Canggu's famous red sunsets, and dipping your toes in the sparkling volcanic black sand.

When the week is about to end, one of our favorite activities is a trip to the Sunday Market at La Brisa Beachclub, about an 18-minute drive from Amari Villas. The buzz of the Sunday Market is similar to Tallinn Telliskivi’s Creative City. It can be enjoyed every Sunday morning until late afternoon. Everyone is there, enjoying delicious street food and discovering art and craft pop-up shops. This is a place where just one visit is not enough!

Family-Friendly Activities

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The International Canggu Community School is a 20-minute scooter ride from Amari Villas, but there are many more acclaimed schools in Bali. Check out our article “Best International Schools in Bali: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

You can also spend some free time with the kids at the Finns Recreation Club, a 15-minute drive away. From swimming and playing games to a variety of sports activities to keep the whole family active and entertained, there's plenty to do. About the same distance from our villas, you'll find the  Bali Equestrian Centre, where kids can spend time with horses and ponies and learn to ride.

We also often see children here with their parents at the Jungle Padel near Amari Villas, where they can play padel, go to the local football practice, or fly kites by the ocean. There is a lot to do! 

Delicious Dining Options

The whole of Canggu is renowned for its excellent and diverse food culture. There are so many good and appreciated places to eat here that you could probably dine at a new place every night for several months in a row. In this case, we'll leave the fun of discovery to you, because we just can't pick just one restaurant from all our favorites!

But if you're looking for good quality food close to home,  Nirvana Life’s healthy kitchen and GRYA Kopi Space cafe are just 5 minutes from your future home.

Nightlife and Free Time 

Photo origin: https://thehoneycombers.com/bali/the-lawn-canggu-beach-club/ 

Canggu is vibrant and full of energy. While the Padonan area is quieter than the bustling center, making it ideal for living, lively nightlife is just a scooter ride away. You can easily and safely reach parties with Grab or GoJek scooter taxis, similar to Bolt or Uber.

Just a 15-minute drive from Amari Villas, you'll find the famous beach club The Lawn. Nearby, the always-thriving  Finns Beachclub feels like a mini-festival every weekend. For a trendy night out, head to Miss Fish bar, where DJs play almost every night, attracting Canggu's stylish young crowd.

If you prefer a quieter evening, the Tamora Gallery is just 15 minutes away, offering great shopping opportunities. For a dinner and movie experience, Alternative Beach’s outdoor cinema is also within a 15-minute drive.

Wrapping It Up

The Padonan area of Canggu is ideal for living and investing in Bali. Amari Villas offers convenient access to gyms, spas, co-working spaces, and restaurants. It's a digital nomad and wellness enthusiast's paradise, where active lifestyles and luxury can be enjoyed. The area is home to an international school and a variety of entertainment options, making Padonan one of the fastest-growing areas in Canggu.

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