Bali vs. Lombok: Our Thrilling Real Estate Hunt

Lombok Sunset

Hello, property enthusiasts and sunset chasers! Ever wonder why we chose Bali as our real estate playground? Why not venture to another nearby island gem like Lombok? Grab your sunblock, because you're about to embark on an enthralling tale from our January escapade on Lombok!

Picture this – Lombok is merely a hop, skip, and a short 25-minute flight away, almost akin to jumping from Tallinn to Helsinki, but with a generous helping of sunshine and fewer speed cameras! We set off to conquer the surf and peek into the property market, but little did we know, we were in for a rollercoaster of discoveries.

Lombok hit us first with its breathtaking charm – think of it as Bali's younger sibling who hasn't yet stepped into the spotlight. The shores were mesmerizing, waves a surfer's dream, and the wilderness – it was like stepping into a scene from "Indiana Jones". But hold your horses, let's spill the beans on something thrilling: Lombok boasts its very own Moto GP circuit! Plus, the island's southern part is so advanced infrastructurally, it felt like a leap into modernity. Yes, driving a car there! A real treat, especially when it was my first time maneuvering a manual car with the steering on the right – talk about a mirror-world driving experience!

Then came the puzzle: Why such a hush in real estate on this slice of heaven? Bali's buzzing like a beehive of building sites, while Lombok's as quiet as a deserted stage.

Our investigation (spiced up with a few local Bintang brews) unveiled some eye-opening tales. One local shared how construction materials vanish faster than ice cream on a hot day. Another's story was straight out of a thriller – locals with machetes demanding a king's ransom. And my surf instructor's tip-off about needing a "roof" – whether it's a real shield or just talk, I'm still figuring out.

These escapades and a taste of the local scene made it crystal clear: while Lombok is a tourist's delight, dabbling in property development there is akin to an adrenaline-packed extreme sport. In contrast, Bali offers a more familiar and navigable terrain for real estate endeavors – a balance of welcoming opportunities and the well-trodden path, much like its beloved beaches.

So, for the moment, Bali remains our haven, but who knows what future adventures Lombok might have in store. Keep riding the wave with us!

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