Benefits of Investing in Bali Real Estate

With its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and booming digital nomad community, Bali has become an attractive hub for real estate investments. But what makes Bali's real estate market stand out from other global destinations? Here, we break down the top 10 benefits of investing in Bali's real estate market, showing why this Indonesian island is more than just a popular tourist spot—it's a smart investment opportunity that combines lucrative financial returns with a unique lifestyle choice.

01 Popular destination

Bali has been in the first places in the world tourist ratings for past several years. Lot of entrepreneurs moving to Bali.

02 High rental yields

High quality offers in Bali give 15-25% yield per annum while the average yield of real estate in the world is 5%.

03 The prospect of real estate rising prices

During construction, real estate rises in price by completion up to 75%, then the price increase is 5-15% per year.

04 High occupancy

On average 70-80% in tourist locations.

05 Possibility to combine investment with your own holiday

Investing in Bali real estate allows owners to use their property as a personal holiday home, blending financial growth with enjoyable vacations.

06 Low property taxes

Bali has one of the lowest property tax rates in the region, making it an attractive option for investors

07 Only cash, no debt attached, no bank runs

When real estate is mainly bought by cash, the market is much more resistant not only to economic changes, but also to force majeure such as a pandemic.

08 Stable growth

The real estate market in Bali has demonstrated stable growth due the fact of low market entry price compared to western world.

09 High demand from foreign buyers

High demand for Bali's real estate is fueled by the influx of digital nomads drawn to its tropical appeal and investment potential.

10 Foreign investment friendly

Indonesia has regulations that encourage foreign investment, making it relatively straightforward for foreigners to invest in Bali's real estate.

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