Best International Schools in Bali: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

Considering international education for your children in Bali? Here is a comprehensive guide to the best international schools on the island.

You're either a newcomer dreaming of a fresh start in Bali or a seasoned world traveler considering a Bali-centric education for your offspring.

Bali has a diverse range of educational institutions, from bilingual schools to renowned programs such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma. There's even an eco-school dedicated to global sustainability classes for young visionaries. Dive into our carefully selected list of the most prestigious and accredited international schools in Bali and we hope to see you under the palm trees of their classrooms soon!

1. Green School Bali: A leader in eco-education

Nestled amidst the green jungles of Ubud, the Green School offers a unique curriculum that emphasizes hands-on learning in nature, promoting sustainability and eco-awareness. The school has 520 students, Bahasa Indonesia is offered from pre-school to high school, Spanish and French are available for middle school and high school students. Extracurricular activities range from BSSA sports to Balinese dancing and surfing. Parents can use the on-site co-working space. Tuition covers field trips, extracurricular programs and resources. No uniform is required and scholarships are available for Balinese.

Location: Ubud

Grades: Preschool to high school

Curriculum: Green School's unique approach

2. Canggu Community School (CCS): Global Education Center

Located in the center of Canggu, CCS offers education from pre-school to high school leading to IGCSE and International Baccalaureate Diploma. The primary school has a swimming pool, football field and playgrounds. With 350 students and an average class size of 20, CCS offers a variety of after-school activities, from surfing to the TED Club. English is the main language of instruction, Bahasa Indonesia lasts until Grade 6, followed by French or Spanish options. Scholarships are available. Uniforms are compulsory and an active parent group organizes charity events every year.

Asukoht: Canggu

Grades: Preschool to high school

Curriculum: IGCSE and International Baccalaureate

3. The Garden Early Learning Centre: The first preschool experience

The Garden Early Learning Center stands out as Bali's best preschool for youngsters aged 15 months to six years. Combining the best of early childhood philosophies such as Reggio Emilia, Montessori and Walker Learning, this center emphasizes playful, inquiry-based learning. Customized learning projects are developed based on keen observations of each child's interactions. Weekly offerings include music, art, drama, Indonesian, physical education and gardening in vibrant classrooms that extend into tropical gardens with interactive sensory areas. Established in 2014, the center adheres to Australian Early Years Standards, emphasizing holistic child development. Unique to The Garden is that it operates year-round, offering 1.5-hour PlayDates for visiting toddlers. We are excited to open a second branch in Sanur in 2024!

Location: Berawa

Classes: Preschool (15 months-6 years); PlayDates (6 months-2.5 years)

Curriculum: Game-based; Inspired by Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Walker Learning.

4. Australian Independent School (AIS): First Australian Curriculum Centre

Established in 1996 near Seminyak, AIS offers a comprehensive Australian Curriculum (AC) from pre-school to grade 10, with older students having the option of an International Baccalaureate Diploma or Senior Certificate in Jakarta/Bali. The school has state-of-the-art facilities: a 25m competition swimming pool, sports fields, an 850 square meter multi-purpose field, an amphitheater, specialist art areas, a library, science laboratories and a cafeteria. In addition to the curriculum, AIS offers a wide range of extracurricular activities and unique educational courses. Class sizes average 16-22, English is the main language of instruction, high school language options include, for example, Japanese, French and other languages. Uniforms are mandatory.

Asukoht: Seminyak / Denpasar

Grades: Preschool to high school

Curriculum: Australian Curriculum and International Baccalaureate.

5. Bali Island School: Authentic Bali atmosphere

Established in 1985 in Sanur, Bali Island School is one of the most experienced institutions on the island. Authorized by the International Baccalaureate, it offers elementary, secondary, and diploma programs from preschool through 12th grade. It is accredited by both CIS and WASC. The school has an authentic Balinese charm, complemented by a 25m swimming pool, sports fields, a playground and a large library. With about 250 students and an average class size of 20, the school offers a variety of after-school activities, from art and theater to dance and swimming. Tuition is comprehensive, scholarships are available. Uniforms are compulsory till 10th grade.

Location: Sanur

Classes: Primary to 12th grade

Curriculum: International Baccalaureate.

6. Dyatmika School: Leading bilingual education

Located in East Denpasar, close to Sanur and Ubud, Dyatmika School is known for its bilingual approach. Accredited by the University of Cambridge International Examinations Council, it is Bali's leading bilingual institution and its largest international school. From preschool to 5th grade, subjects are taught in English and Indonesian. The school has music studios, sports fields, laboratories, libraries, playground, gym, yoga/dance studio and IT-equipped classrooms. A highlight is the extensive community garden that hosts events and promotes local flora. Class sizes vary, with older class sizes often less than 15 students. Fees are covered by tuition, resources and reception, uniforms are compulsory Monday to Thursday.

Location: Denpasar

Classes: Playgroup to high school

Curriculum: Cambridge Assessment International Education, AS and A-level studies.

7. Sanur Independent School: Excellence in dual curriculum

Sanur Independent School, a community-based institution in Sanur, offers a blend of Cambridge Assessment International Education and the Australian Curriculum (ACARA) for Early Years and Lower Secondary classes. The fee structure for both expats and local students is based on age, covering registration, tuition and resources. In addition, a short-term study program is available for international students.

Location: Sanur

Grades: preschool to elementary school

Curriculum: Cambridge Assessment International Education and the Australian Curriculum.

8. Sunrise School: A haven for outdoor enthusiasts

Located in the green surroundings of Kerobokan, Sunrise School offers children aged 18 months to 14 years an in-depth learning experience. Following the International Early Years and Core Curriculum as well as the National Curriculum, the school has facilities such as basketball courts, a green field, a garden playground, art rooms and a range of after-school clubs, from art and cookery to sport and music. The current enrollment is 160 and the capacity is 200, with class sizes ranging from 10 to 20 students. Fees vary by age.

Asukoht: Kerobokan

Grades: preschool to elementary school

Curriculum: International Early Years and Core Curriculum and National Curriculum.

9. Gandhi Memorial Intercontinental School: Nurturing Global Leaders

Gandhi Memorial Intercontinental School (GMIS) in Renon is an IB World School offering a competitive international curriculum. The school has Wi-Fi, air-conditioned classrooms equipped with smart boards, laboratories, gymnasium, library, music studios and a cafeteria with varied food. Although English is the main language of instruction, GMIS also offers Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi and French. A variety of extracurricular clubs and sports further enrich the student experience. Fees vary by age and grade, and uniforms are required.

Location: Renon

Grades: preschool to high school

Curriculum: Cambridge Assessment International Education and International Baccalaureate.

10. Lycée Français de Bali: Excellence in Trilingual Education

Located in Kerobokan, Lycée Français de Bali, also known as the French School of Bali, offers a unique trilingual education in French, English and Indonesian. Founded in 1991, LFB serves students between the ages of 2 and 20 and is accredited by the French Education Council in collaboration with AEFE. By preparing students for the French Baccalaureate (supplemented with TOEFL), LFB ensures a smooth transition to any school system in the world. The school has facilities like basketball courts, playground, music room, laboratories and library. A host of optional OPEX after school activities are available for an additional fee. The all-inclusive fee structure covers tuition, insurance, field trips, LFB sportswear (uniform only) and more. Scholarships are available to eligible French citizens.

Asukoht: Kerobokan

Grades: Preschool to high school

Curriculum: International Education for the French Baccalaureate and Cambridge Assessment.

11. Montessori School Bali: An authentic Montessori experience

Montessori School Bali in Berawa offers specialized programs aimed at the growth of children from six weeks to 12 years. Under the guidance of the Association Montessori Internationale trained teaching

students embark on tailored learning journeys covering areas such as health, life skills, global citizenship, leadership and experiential learning. The school, which can accommodate up to 280 children, is architecturally similar to traditional Balinese pavilions, promoting free movement and nature-based learning. Large verandas ensure outdoor learning. Extracurricular activities range from capoeira and Balinese dancing to soccer and violin. Fees vary by age, ranging from infant to adolescent programs.

Location: Berawa

Grades: Birth (infant/toddler program) through elementary school

Curriculum: Montessori.

12. ProEducation School: First British Curriculum Centre

Located in Umalas, ProEducation School stands out for its personalized educational approach for students aged five to nineteen. Following the British curriculum, students gain international recognition from links such as EdExcel, Primary School Achievement test, IGCSE and A Levels. The ASDAN curriculum is available for students with special educational needs and the school also offers the Duke of Edinburgh's Youth Award. The school has a playground, an outdoor pool, a playground and a cafeteria. Fees are determined by class level.

Location: Umala

Grades: Early Years to High School

Curriculum: IGCSE, British Curriculum, A Level Studies and ASDAN.

13. Sekolah Lentera Kasih & Lollypop Preschool: First Christian Education

Sekolah Lentera Kasih (SLK) and Lollypop Preschool in Kerobokan are recognized Christian institutions. Lollypop caters for toddlers to pre-school age, while SLK offers primary to junior college education. Both schools integrate the National Indonesian Curriculum, with SLK also offering the Cambridge Curriculum for Secondary Education, IGCSE and A-levels. Facilities include a 25m swimming pool, football pitch, playground and library. Fees vary by age.

Asukoht: Kerobokan

Grades: Preschool to high school

Curriculum: National Indonesian Curriculum and Cambridge Assessment International Education.

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